What is cranio-sacral therapy?

Cranio Sacral therapy (CST) is a hands-on therapy, used to treat many of the types of pain, discomfort and restricted movement for which a person might seek help from an osteopath (or chiropractor), like neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, hip and knee conditions, elbows and wrists or stress related injuries - or even for relaxation.

Sometimes people, understandably, think that ‘cranio’ means work on the head, and ‘sacro’ means the pelvis.  In fact, cranio-sacral techniques are used throughout the body.

How does CST work?

Whereas other forms of bodywork may use physical approaches for these conditions, such as gentle of forceful movement of the body through the painful area, or, stretching muscles that may be tight and painful, or even manipulation through a joint, CST is quite different.

The underlying philosophy is similar to osteopathy in that we understand that given the right conditions, our bodies will always try to find a new balance and heal themselves.

I will ask you about how the problem started, what you were doing at the time (if you can remember) and what the pain and mobility restrictions (if any) have been like.  I may ask you to do very simple movements with your body as part of the diagnosis.

You probably won't need to take your clothes off, but you will need to wear loose clothing. I use my hands to get an understanding of the underlying cause of the problem and then to very gently focus on the painful area. The treatment acts in such a way so as to support the body to let go and release the strain and find a new balance. 

What will I feel and are there any side effects?

This a very gentle approach.  Some people just feel very relaxed during the treatment whilst others are very aware of the changes taking place. There may be some treatment side effects like a short term awareness of pain but this is not common.  It may happen, for example, following an injury that has been left untreated for some time when we are asking the body to change..

Who am I?

I moved from London to Suffolk last year and have now made it my home.  In the past I qualified and worked as an osteopath and specialised in the use of cranial osteopathic techniques.  As I now work part-time, I work as a craniosacral therapist and only use those techniques in treating people.