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Keith Travis offers therapeutic hypnosis, to help people effect positive changes in their lives.

Imagine giving up smoking in just one hour...easily, effortlessly and with few or no withdrawal symptoms. Imagine overcoming your sugar addiction, sleeping like a baby every night, improving your sports performance, attaining your ideal weight and fitness goals, gaining motivation, confidence, overcoming the fear of public speaking, calmly passing the driving exam, becoming more relaxed and less anxious, being free from phobias and hundreds of other negative habits or limiting beliefs. You don't need to imagine though, because you can achieve all the above and more easily and quickly.

Many issues such as phobias, trauma and smoking cessation can take as little as one session. Weight issues usually are 4 sessions including gastric band hypnosis. Everyone is unique, so depression, anxiety, stress, sleep problems, IBS, addictions may take several sessions, Only you will know when you do not need to have another session. You are in control at all times. Keith is qualified as an advanced hypnotherapist psychotherapist S.N.H.S.Dip (Advanced Hypnotherapy/ Psychotherapy) and continues to train in the latest techniques and methods.
Keith is registered with The British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP
Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council which is the UK Government approved body underwriting complimentary therapies.
The Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists
A certified Hypnotension Practitioner
Specialist training includes Help to lift Depression; End Trauma and Phobias, fast; Smoking cessation; Lowering Blood pressure

All sessions are £40 and last approximately one hour.